About Us

We are a family run business, first established in 1974.

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our community and providing high quality education and care to children and their family groups.

We draw perspective and insight from many different disciplines, philosophers and pedagogy, from Australia and overseas. Our philosophy and practice is thus informed by that of the Municipal Schools of Reggio Emilia, Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori, as well as our own observations and interactions.

Family owned and operated

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A business that’s all about family.

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Family owned and operated

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Four locations in and around Perth.

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Family owned and operated

Our Philosophy

Children are strong, capable, and resilient researchers.

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Our Logo

Our logo was developed using the research developed by one child Ruby, 3.6 years, over a number of months. Following her emerging interest in horses, Ruby spent time researching at the library. Ruby’s subsequent drawings demonstrate the benefits of research and artistic process, giving her the ability to express her understanding, with the Studio Coordinators encouragement and support.

Family owned and operated

The four horses illustrate Ruby’s growing knowledge of a horse’s movement, bone structure and muscles. Through these images Ruby shows her emerging understanding and shares her learning with her peers.