Registration as a School

We are pleased to announce that Schools of Early Learning have been granted an Advanced Determination from the Western Australian Department of Education Services, to officially become a School.

SOEL has been an educational service of choice for families for more than forty years and contributes to the diversity of schooling options. Our 3-yr-old and 4-yr-old Kindy programmes are based on the same curriculum frameworks used in all other WA schools.

As a co-educational, non-denominational service we offer flexibility to working families in the pre-compulsory school age space.

Our high quality, educational, independently assessed learning programmes are accessible for families over extended hours and throughout school holidays.

Our application for recognition as a school is not undertaken lightly. We are well aware of the additional scrutiny, regulations and compliance required. We understand that in addition to the accreditation and review processes that we already participate in as an Early Childhood Education and Care service, there are additional rigorous registration, auditing and reporting requirements as a school.

We undertake all of this of our own free will, as we see it as an important step and validation of our world class 3-yr-old and 4-yr-old Kindergarten programmes.

Our concentration on and expertise in Early Childhood Education brings different focuses to our learning environments and programmes. Three and four year old children are our ‘big’ children, learning through developmentally appropriate, inquiry based programmes and mentoring younger children, rather than being ‘little’ children on a school site. This provides choice for families who prefer their children to be in a non-school setting.

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