Frequently Asked Questions

Our philosophy and practice are based on the premise that all children are capable and competent individuals who have the right to have ownership of their environments and the investigations and learning that happens within them. To enable this, children are assisted to acquire and practise the skills necessary to be proactive and productive community participants. Using an inquiry based approach, the educators research in collaboration with the children and value and extend their emerging ideas and interests. Literacy, numeracy and other relevant concepts are embedded in all inquiries. The owners/Directors of SOEL are committed to enabling an environment that is filled with dedicated practitioners who work together for the best possible outcome for every child every day.
Complete the form here to register your interest in enrolling in one of our services, or just call our enrolments team between 7:30am and 6pm on 6314 1199 to book your spot today. There is no cost or obligation attached to this registration.
Room routines vary depending on the age of the children and their stage of development. In the Babies’ room we follow the baby’s home routine. As they progress to the Toddlers’ room we begin to blend this routine with a more general routine that follows regular mealtimes, activity times and sleep patterns appropriate to their age. The Pre- Kindy and Kindy children follow a more structured routine that allows time for detailed research and investigations, punctuated by mealtimes and rest time.
We provide three snacks and one main meal over the course of the day. Our food is sourced locally and where possible we use organic produce. Our chefs prepare meals daily and there is a variety of cultures represented in our menus. All special dietary requirements are catered for. We believe that mealtimes are a time for respectful exchanges; our designated dining rooms promote a culture that values slowing down and encourages the children to appreciate and enjoy beautiful nutritious food that promotes good health and wellbeing.