4-Yr-Old Kindergarten

Minimum entry age of 3 years 3 months; must turn 4 in that calendar year.

In the 4-Yr-Old Kindergarten programme, language, literacy, numeracy, science and technology concepts and skills are strengthened and enriched by well developed studio skills – manipulating paint, clay, wire, textiles and collage materials.

Words and numbers are everywhere – to be used, read, written, sung, played with and invented. Every investigation , mat time, forum, play-based experience, routine and excursion provides an authentic application of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, counting and measuring skills.

Children reach out into the community as they travel to sister Centres, the library, art galleries, museums, aged care facilities, and places relevant to the long-term sustained investigations which are now the centre-piece of the 4-Yr-Old Kindergarten programme. Working in small groups, children negotiate the ‘rules and limits’ of spaces, activities, incursions and excursions. They explore ideas, develop theories, test hypotheses, experiment, investigate, research, develop understandings and communicate their learning.

Mentoring of younger children continues as our ‘big’ Kindy children support toddlers and babies to learn self-help skills, embedding these skills themselves as they teach and support others and continue the development of empathy, awareness of others, sharing and taking responsibility.

Contact us here or enrol to start your child’s journey into the worlds of  science and technology, language and literacy and numeracy and investigations, with us.

We provide an environment that will inspire wonder and awe.

Children develop knowledgable and confident self identities. They celebrate and share their contributions and achievements with others.