Rights of The Child

Rights of the child

The philosophy and practice at our Schools of Early Learning recognise the importance of the Rights of the Child. It is the cornerstone that allows us to see the needs of the whole child and take into consideration all areas of their development.

  • Children need parents, teachers and the community to be constantly researching and looking at practice.
  • Children need a safe, secure environment that challenges and stimulates. This environment allows time for discovery, reflection, experimentation and for revisitation.
  • Children need a space to discover, to learn and to fail. This space needs to be theirs, it’s a place for Mum and Dad to visit, to learn about, to be interested in but not to control.
  • Children need to learn how to form peer relationships, resolve conflicts, to make mistakes, to forgive and be forgiven. Children need to learn about feelings and about right and wrong. (This needs to be lived not told.)
  • Children need to understand the concept of mutual respect. Respect for others and respect for the environment

Rights of children are supported By Schools of Early Learning. Daycare childcare Perth