Our Programmes

Our learning programmes are developed based on observations of the children. Staff document the children’s learning, combining anecdotes, photographs, videos and audio-recordings to gain a picture of individual children and their interactions and relationships. Predictions are made as to where the children’s interests may lead, what skills and knowledge are required and how the interests may be expressed.

Literacy and numeracy are natural consequences of this inquiry based approach to learning. Through research, investigation, exploration, planning, designing and hypothesising, children read, experiment, imagine and create. The children’s discoveries and the meaning they make of them are recorded in drawings, photographs, writing, measuring, spatial organisation, graphs and numbers. Working collaboratively, children develop skills in working with others, communicating, making choices and sharing knowledge.

Books, songs, rhymes, chants and dances provide opportunities for children to develop skills in listening, managing themselves and being part of a group.

Children are also encouraged to develop independence, take responsibility for their own actions and find solutions to problems.

All programmes incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework and the learning outcomes.